SEO Link Building for Hospitality business

"Last year, Matt Cutts said that Google would probably start devaluing infographics, since they’re often made as link bait and aren’t fact checked as well as standard text articles. As a result, I’ve never thought of infographics as particularly successful internet marketing.

And then I found Truckpocalypse!

If someone had given me a standard infographic explaining how trucks affect our livelihood, I probably would have found the mixture of text and graphics overwhelming. If I’d read an article with the same information, I would have skimmed the bullet points and thought it was overly simplistic and somewhat biased (this was created by, after all). But the deliberate pacing of a rolling infographic made me really read each point. Simultaneously, the matching pictures helped to reinforce the points in my memory.

While there has been whitehat backlinks in the development of interactive infographics/microsites, standard infographics still remain the most popular. Now that many internet marketers work with in-house designers it’s fairly easy to bang out a set of illustrations to reinforce a topic. Yet, most of these infographics still make little impact online. As marketers struggle to continually create engaging content, its essential that pieces are both vastly informative and intriguing, and interactivity is a great way to do this."

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